Upcoming Camps

When: February 4, 2023

Where: Tekesta Park (Tekesta Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32312)

Time: 9-10AM

Age: 7-10

Cost: $29

When: February 11, 2023

Where: Tekesta Park (Tekesta Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32312)

Time: 10:30-11:30AM

Age: 11-13

Cost: $29

Camp will be led by:

Mark Keil, CSCS

Mark is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach who has trained over 1,000 athletes. He has experience working with D1 Collegiate Teams, ECHL Hockey Team, USL Soccer Club, and the Colorado Rockies and Minnesota Twins Organizations.

What to expect

Camp Schedule

  • Warm Up. Your athlete will be taken through our Dynamic and Static Stretching Routines. 
  • Ladder Drills. Our Drills will teach Quick Feet and develop your athlete’s Change of Direction Quickness.
  • Arm Mechanics. Proper Arm Mechanics are necessary to achieve Maximal Speeds. We’ll teach your athlete how to drive their to make them faster in sport. 
  • Agility Drills. Our Agility Drills will teach your athlete how to Accelerate and Decelerate- both of which are important for Change of Direction Quickness. 
  • Falling Starts. These sprints will help your athlete understand how to create a good forward lean, which is vital to generate speed during the Acceleration Phase of a Sprint. 
  • Conditioning. This is when your athlete will put everything together! 

What should my athlete bring?

Please have your athlete wear cleats and bring a water bottle.

Other Notes

48 hours before camp, you will receive a Release Form electronically. Please take time to complete this ahead of time- your athlete will not be able to participate until this is complete. Please note that you MUST remain with your athlete during the entire camp.  

Questions? Contact us