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Is Morning the Best Time for My Athlete to Workout?

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By Mark Keil, CSCS

Posted on May 14, 2022

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘My hands are tied; the gym only has one class time for my athlete’.

I get it!

But hopefully the summer months will bring a little more flexibility. And if that’s the case, then here are some things to consider when choosing a time for your athlete’s workout.

The advantages of morning workouts:

  1. Less likelihood of ‘conflicts’: As the day progresses, the To-Do List increases.
  2. More focused: Your athlete should have more focus during a morning lift. Not necessarily right when they get to the gym (they may still be half asleep), but after completing the warmup (and maybe a few sprints), they should be fully alert without the mental distractions the day brings.
  3. Time to recover: Your athlete will have a chance to recover (somewhat) from the lift before practice later that day.

Now I realize there are drawbacks to morning lifts. For example, that also means you have to get up to take your athlete to the gym. However, generally speaking, the morning brings better focus, less conflicts, and allows everyone to check training off the list early. 

More important than picking a time though is just simply being consistent. This will help your athlete get into a routine and allow their body to mentally and physically prepare for the workout.