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How often can we have team workouts?

how often can we have team workouts?

Mark Keil, CSCS

May 19, 2022

We’re often asked, ‘How often can I have my athletes work out?’.

And we get it – you want your team train hard 1) so they won’t be fatigued in practices and games and 2) so they can have an edge on the competition.

But to advance your team, you have to be mindful of a few things. If you train hard 100% of the time, it’s likely that one or more athletes will run into ‘overtraining syndrome’ (which is not a good thing).

While I wish there was a straightforward answer, there are multiple factors to consider as they dictate 
Training Frequency:

  • Have my athletes trained before?
  • What’s their current Sport Season (Pre Season, Off Season, etc.)?
  • What’s their current Training Phase (e.g. goal)?
  • Given their schedule, what’s reasonable?

The list goes on….

BUT, I will give you general rule of thumb.

  • Pre Season: Train 2-4x/week
  • In Season: Train 1-3x/week
  • Post Season: Train 0-3x/week
  • Off Season: Train 3-4x/week

*Note: This assumes 1) these are High School Athletes, 2) that this isn’t their first time training, and 3) that they are not playing a second sport.

I hope this will help you a little more as you plan your Team Workouts for the week!