Get paid for your knowledge.


Get paid for your knowledge.

Would you like to generate passive income?

If you work in these professions, then we’d love to talk!

1-on-1 coaching is great. But it’s not possible to work 3-5x/week with every athlete that needs your help, right? So give your athletes access to the instruction they need on the days you can’t train them (and make money from it at the same time!).

SportStrength is On-Demand Sports Instruction

Athletes (and parents) can view sports drills, workouts, speed & agility, mobility, and mental coaching- all through our online and mobile applications.

How does it work?

Record Content

You coach every day. Pick the Drills you love to coach and then explain them to the camera (your phone).


We’ll give you a unique code to hand out to your athletes and parents.

Get Paid

For every user that signs up with your unique promo code, you’ll collect a portion of their fee, every month!(distributed quarterly)


Follow the steps below to get started

Step 1

Schedule a Call

We’ll answer questions and explain how to record content.

Step 2

Upload Content

We’ll review and then add your videos to our online and mobile applications.

Step 3

Get Paid

Each time your unique promo code is used at signup, you’ll collect a portion of that user’s monthly fee (distributed quarterly).

It’s that simple!

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